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Fisherman Beanie

Fisherman Beanie

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Fisherman Beanie

  • Introducing the Fisherman Beanie from The MVL Store, the perfect accessory for staying warm and stylish in cold weather. This beanie's 100% wool material is designed to insulate against drizzle, snow, and dropping temperatures. The wool is naturally breathable perfect for early morning or late-night training.

    The Fisherman Beanie features a custom MVL woven tag and an adjustable cuff that can be rolled up or down for customizable coverage. The beanie's size and coverage can easily be adjusted by cuffing the cap as desired, providing a comfortable and snug fit.



    Here are the details of our Fisherman Beanie:

    Made with 100% wool
    Snug fit for a classic Fisherman Beanie style
    Adjustable cuff for customizable coverage
    Naturally breathable for any time of the day
    Insulates even when wet, making it perfect for cold and wet weather
    Features a custom MVL woven tag
    Upgrade your wardrobe with our Fisherman Beanie, available now.

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