Our Story

The Vision

Our vision is pretty simple. Help others use life's hardships to motivate them to better themselves. We want this brand to inspire change for the better.

  • Mission

    MVL was inspired by challenging situations and hardships from our past to drive us to be better. Through this process, we decided we wanted to create a brand that could find common ground with this desire for redemption. From our experience, staying healthy and working out was our foundation for a positive change. With fitness as are building block for personal and spiritual growth, we knew that the fitness apparel industry was where we needed to go. We aren't just selling a high-quality product but a movement. We have the power to redeem, but only if we are ready for redemption.

  • Creative Process

    We never imagined years ago, when this idea was floating in our heads, that the creative process would be remarkably fulfilling. We intentionally held off using influencers to market our brand while many of our colleagues went this route. We wanted to engage people in each city we visited, to exchange energy with them and hear their stories of where they came from and how their paths “coincidentally” crossed with us that day. These real-life individuals became our models and friends. They became our drive. Their stories, struggles, and excitement to be part of something provided us with way more than we could give them. In our effort to create something for ourselves, we received more than we ever anticipated – YOUR SPIRIT and YOUR CRAZY LIFE STORIES. …. And we are so much better for that.